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Gundam Marker set: Advance GMS124

Gundam Marker set: Advance GMS124

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A completely new color set for the Gundam Marker range! Designed to suit some of the most recent Gundam releases, it comes in a versatile six-color set.

Set includes:

  • GM166 Gundam New White: An improved white formula!
  • GM 167 Gundam Red Gold: Reddish, with an elegant golden shine.
  • GM168 Gundam Light Blue: Especially useful for chest parts, or for use on the Gouf.
  • GM169 Gundam Purple: Good for use on fuselage parts!
  • GM170 Titans: The main color for many Gundam from the Titans series.
  • GM 171 Charpink 2: Compatible with many new kits!